Foundational Guiding Principles For Results

“If you know who you are (Brand) and what you believe (Values),

then you’ll discover why you’re here (Purpose), and what to do (Mission)

to see where you’re going (Vision)”

Dr. Lester Frederick


Brand/Identity – Who are we?

Instructional Technology and Performance Improvement is an eclectic consulting and design company that facilitates learning and training outcomes, according to the respective subject matter.

Values – What do we believe (in)?

We believe that a balanced, multidisciplinary methodology will boost performance improvement amongst our customers, collaborators, and community.


Purpose – Why are we here?

We are here to infuse ID/UX research and design for our clients to experience fun-Learning, confidence-building, and intrinsic motivation with instructional technologies.

Mission – What do we do?

ITPI collaborates with a vetted pool of digital media developers and SMEs to build quality eLearning technologies for our clients to engage with and learn from.

Vision – Where are we going?

We envision our stakeholders taking the lead to achieve their performance improvement goals, receive a return on engagement, and reduce learning/training costs.

*ITPI can assist you with constructing your FGPR statements from a professional, object viewpoint